Marco Swift and the Mirror of Souls

Marco Swift and the Mirror of Souls is a fantastical and imaginative middle-grade fantasy novel that touches on universal themes of forgiveness, truth, and love. Shaken by the sudden death of his father and his mother’s downward spiral into mental illness, when eleven-year-old Marco is approached by a magical enchantress who promises to cure his mother, he jumps at her offer. But in return, he must step through the Mirror of Souls and embark on a deadly quest to restore order to a wondrous but dying world.

Thrown head-first into a struggle against fiendish monsters and the darkness lurking in his own soul, Marco must face off against enemies from within and without on a mission to restore the fabled sword of light – and along the way, he’ll unravel the secrets behind his father’s legacy and what really happened the day his dad died.

But time is running out. Unsure who to trust and brought face-to-face with a host of terrible creatures that are bent on his destruction, Marco must use all of his wits if he wants to defeat his enemies and save the World of Souls.

Perfect for fans of authors such as Andrew Peterson, Rick Riordan, and Philip Pullman, Marco Swift and the Mirror of Souls is a magical, moody, and gripping fantasy adventure that’s great for inspiring boys and girls alike with a love of reading.